Skillfully Handmade and Extinguish Customized

At JLine Arts, every piece of art is special and unique as they stay true to your aesthetic styles and specifications. The statues and paintings are handmade by veteran sculptors in south India who have dedicated their lives to mastering the craft. The inclusion of their art in your office, lobby, gallery or prayer room will stand testimony of your sense of beauty and appreciation of fine art.

Bronzes Sculptures

South Indian bronzes are unique not just objects. They represent the kind of person you already are or are becoming. Make it your own by our customization services.

We can make bronze statue to a specific size, add a touch of creativity, include your initials and anything else to make it as unique as yourself.

Thanjavur Paintings

Regal Decoration for your Living Spaces Bring back history with Thanjavur paintings, known for their grand appearance inspired from the Deccani, vijayanagar, Maratha and Europe art styles.

Thanjavur paintings depiet Hindu gods, Sthala puranas and other religious texts, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, and other religious subjects were also featured. We can even make a unique painting based on your reference images. Order one of these artistically vibrant pieces of art and add some tasteful spark to your

Wooden Sculpture

The genius of South Indian wooden sculptors is world famous. Art galleries and museums around the world take great pride in featuring them. While it can be an expensive and challenging pursuit to buy original wooden carvings from the past, the same workmanship can be acquired even today.

Silk Sarees

We specialize in offering authentic silk sarees that are handwoven by master weavers from the silk town itself. We work closely with them to perfect the colours and designs that you seek.

Tamil Books

With typical South-Indian characters and culture, nothing is as engrossing as works of Tamil literature. Explore a range of books in Tamil online

At JLine Arts, we stock the popular Tamil books from well-known authors from selecting publishers. Whatever the category of books you need, we have a title for you and of your interest.