Wooden Art

How did wood art originate in India?

Throughout Indian culture, woodcarving has always played a major part. The intricately designed wooden carvings are found throughout many places over India. One such example can be seen in the temple of Somnath, located on the North-West coast, and is admired for their magnificence.

Likewise, there are many more wondrous places that truly display the ancient and impressive aspects of wood carving. The birth of such a cherished art form can be traced back to the late 19th century. It was immensely influenced by Kashmiri designs as a consequence of the migration of Kashmiri artisans. Wood carving can be roughly divided into 5 types :- Undercut, Lattice work, Semi Carving, Deep Carving, and Shallow Carving. The artisans are masterful and skillful at creating elaborate designs on woods that exhibit the beauty of traditional and historical art form of wood carving.

Wood Carving is commonly created using wood such as mango, walnut, deodar, ebony and sandalwood etc. Wood carving can be roughly divided into 5 types :- Undercut, Lattice work, Semi Carving, Deep Carving, and Shallow Carving. These traditionally designed master-pieces are showcased in many temples such as the carved temples in Uttar Pradesh that have existed since ancient times. These expert artisans create truly magnificent works of art and enhance their beauty further by coloring them with rich colors. Places like Madurai are famous for rosewood carving while Tamil Nadu is known for show-piece items and different sized wooden doors, statues and wood art.

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