Tanjore Painting

What is Tanjore Painting?

Thanjavur or Tanjore painting is a South Indian style of art that flourished in Tanjore a city, located in South India, in the state, Tamil Nadu. Tracing the roots to the historical golden era of 18th century, Tanjore painting is one of the many art forms that south India is famous for.

The Tanjore Paintings were promulgate by the Chola kings during the 16th century and afterwards, patronized by the Maratha Princes. Cholas were known for their love of art and sculptures, which is reflected in throughout South India. Likewise, the Marathas encouraged the flourish of arts. Around the period of 18th century, Tanjore painting prospered and gained popularity.

The Rich Tanjore paintings are embedded with exclusive precious stones, exquisite semi-precious stones and especially radiant Gold foil. They depict various and extravagant depictions of Hindu mythology. Such paintings with vivid colors brighten any bedroom or puja room in homes as well walkways in office buildings. Additionally, They serve as great gifts for relatives and family members on special occasions like Diwali, Weddings, Engagements.

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